My Journey began many years ago and has evolved many times since then.  Being a former Art teacher, I was always drawn to expressing myself and create spaces around me that encompassed my current vision on what I would like my businesses to convey.  Each business organically grew into one another and has ultimately lead me to explore my passion for essential oils and USA handmade artisan goods.  These two may seem so vastly different in nature, but I have found a way to blend my love for nature and urban flair nicely.   This website is a fusion of my brick and mortar store, Urban Post and my essential oil and holistic product line, Urban’s Edge. This is “Where City & Nature Meet”. I hope you enjoy our unique goods just as much as I do. 


Love & Light

Stacey Martin

Owner/Master Formulator


How I ended up creating Urban’s Edge

Not that long ago, I was facing a health challenge that left me lost, exhausted and without real hope.

I started searching for alternative ways to take control of my health and improve my life. My research ultimately led me to the incredible benefits of essential oils. I spent countless hours creating an Edge Blend of powerful oils that helped me and has helped thousands of others live a more productive, naturally healthy life.

Each bottle from Urban’s Edge™ is a mini-healing session that goes beyond other aromatherapy products. We only use essential oils that are triple tested for purity ensuring their quality from farm to formulation. Each bottle begins with formulating an essential oil blend and Reiki-charged gemstones that are carefully chosen for their beneficial qualities to enhance the blend.  A Peruvian Shaman then places a non-denominational blessing on each bottle to energetically enhance the synergy of the product.